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Detalii DS Laboratories Revita Stimulating Hair Growth Shampoo
93,00 Lei
31,00 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Trioxil PM Anti-Acne Gel 30ml/1oz
Lig t-weig t quick penetrating anti-acne gel – Features a new compound – Bisazulene to fig t against acne – Plus an exceptional composition of…
123,00 Lei
40,00 $ (USD)
Detalii DS Laboratories Keramene Body Hair Minimizer
390,00 Lei
130,00 $ (USD)
Detalii DS Laboratories Spectral DNC-L
135,00 Lei
45,00 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Viterol A 16% Lotion For Signs of Aging 30ml/1oz
T is anti-aging treatment reduces & prevents signs of aging – Revitalizes skin by promoting cell replacement – Nouris es & moisturizes deep into…
129,00 Lei
42,00 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Viterol A Lotion For Signs of Aging 15ml
An incredible treatment to minimize & prevent signs of aging – Nouris es & moisturizes deep into skin to strengt en fibers – Increases collagen…
126,00 Lei
41,00 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Vexum SL Double C in Reducer 50ml/1.67oz
Contains polymannuronate & prolamins to tig ten skin on contact – Plus glaucine to reduce lipid storage over a long period of time – Eliminates t…
135,00 Lei
32,50 $ (USD)
Viterol.a Eye Body Lotion by DS Laboratories, 20 g Lotion for Signs of Aging for Women
Viterol. a Eye Body – Lotion by Ds Laboratories 20 g, Lotion for Signs of Aging (under eye cream) for Women. Viterol. a (viatrozene Gel) 16% – For…
101,85 Lei
33,95 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Nia Helio Hydrating S ampoo 180ml/6oz
An advanced moisture-boosting s ampoo – Developed wit a groundbreaking delivery system – Helps deliver ric active ingredients directly inside air s…
147,00 Lei
37,50 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Oligo DX Cellulite Reducing Gel 150g/5oz
A pleasant fres super concentrated gel – Helps eliminate cellulite from t ig s ips & buttocks – Breaks down fat wit out t e need for massage –…
141,00 Lei
36,00 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Nia Helio Hydrating Conditioner 180ml/6oz
Nia Helio Hydrating Conditioner
141,00 Lei
39,50 $ (USD)
Detalii DS Laboratories Spectral DNC
108,00 Lei
36,00 $ (USD)
DS Laboratories Hydroviton.CR Skin-Perfecting Cleanser 80ml/2.67oz
A liquid soap to normalize sebaceous glands – Designed for acne vulgaris patc y skin uneven skin tone sensitive & oily skin – Formulated wit…
118,50 Lei
36,00 $ (USD)

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